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From Tuscany to Victoria:
the life and work of
Pietro Baracchi, Carlo Catani, Ettore Checchi

Daniela Volpe

THE BOOK:  In the spring of 1876 Pietro Baracchi, Carlo Catani and Ettore Checchi, three young Italian engineers, came to the Colony of Victoria from Tuscany, via New Zealand.  Two of them were destined to achieve fame and public recognition, and indeed all three contributed greatly to the development of Victoria.  Theirs was a lifetime commitment.

THE PUBLISHER:  The Italian Australian Institute (I.A.I.) is a non-profit organisation, supported by the co-operation between the Grollo-Ruzzene Foundation and La Trobe University.  Its charter states that its main aim is to research and study every aspect of the Italian presence in Australia.

THE AUTHOR:  Daniela Volpe was born in Melbourne in 1974 of Calabrian parents.  She was educated at Mandeville Hall (Toorak) and after obtaining her VCE she enrolled at Monash University completing a Bachelor of Arts with Honours degree.  After graduation she was granted a study scholarship by the Italian Institute of Culture and continued her studies of Italian language and culture at Pesaro and Urbino.  Upon her return from Italy, she was encouraged by Dr. Piero Genovesi to undertake research study for a Master of Arts degree at La Trobe University.  She completed her thesis (the subject of this publication) in December 2000.  During her tertiary studies, she was active in youth affairs within the Italian-Australian community and held several executive positions including that of Vice President of "Club Cultura" (Coasit).  In June 2004 she married Peter Riachi and is now the proud mother of a baby girl, Natalie Rose.

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