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I.A.I. Papers 2007

La Trobe University, Melbourne


After the successful launching last year of the I.A.I. papers we have received many inquiries regarding the nature and function of this annual publication, which is published some time between December of the current year and the following February.

The I.A.I. papers are broadly speaking an academic journal with a number of aims: firstly it aims at reflecting the activities carried out during the year by the Institute, informing the public about projects completed, in progress and still in the planning stages, made possible thanks to various kinds of grants and scholarships.  Secondly it includes the publication of papers on areas of research which the I.A.I. aims to promote.  We believe that these papers are also worthy of note because much of the material can provide a starting point for further research, study and ideas for researchers.

This issue for 2007, as well as including articles written by established academics of international reputation such as Prof. Schiavone and Prof. Lucchesi, includes also articles by Bridget Shaw and Alison Close, two fourth year honours students who received scholarships from the Italian Australian Institute and each completed an original research project, gathering a large quantity of information, which has brought them to the attention of overseas researchers.  In the 2006 issue we published an entire work by Raffaele Scappatura which has also attracted attention.

As can be seen, the I.A.I. papers, concerned with a very specific field, that of researching the many and varied aspects of the Italian presence in Australia, are intended to be a platform for young researchers who, if guided correctly, will undoubtedly attain the success they deserve.

To established researchers we offer the opportunity of being published, facilities and incentives, as well as access to a rich collection of documents (e.g. the archives of the Scalabrinian congregations from both Melbourne and Sydney can be found in the I.A.I. library together with a continually expanding collection of other material).

It is our aim and intention for the I.A.I. papers to be the tangible proof of a continuous "work in progress" in this extremely broad and many faceted field of research.

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