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In Search of the Italian Australian
into the New Millennium

Conference Proceedings
Melbourne - 24th, 25th, 26th of May 2000

Final recommendations of the conference

The Italian Australian Institute will establish a national structure aimed at advancing the interests of Italian-Australians wherever they may live and work across the continent, and will collaborate with existing organisations.

Participants in the inaugural conference of the Italian Australian Institute, meeting in Melbourne on 24, 25, 26 May 2000 voted unanimously for the following recommendations:

  • support for dual citizenship

  • working holiday visas for young people in both countries

  • increased government funding for Italian language and other programs in Australian universities

  • greater focus on issues concerning young people and women

  • regular briefings for the Australian media on Italian-Australian matters

  • establishment of a media monitoring service to review how Italian-Australians are depicted in the Australian media

  • the creation of a national research centre dedicated to the history and culture of Italian-Australians

  • better cultural links between Italy and Australia, including the provision of scholarships for young people

  • the documentation of Italian-Australian culture in all its forms

  • working with the Italian-Australian media to promote a more informed dialogue between the generations in the Italian-Australian community

  • the identification of mutual competitive advantage.
    As economies, Italy and Australia have much more to offer each other, one as the gateway to a unified Europe, and the other as a route into the Asia-Pacific region. The Institute could play a role in working with peak business bodies in both countries to help them understand the symmetry in this economic relationship, as well as the opportunities open to business operators.

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