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Neither Here nor There

Italians and Swiss-Italians on the Walhalla Goldfield
1865 - 1915


Annamaria Davine

Published by
Italian Australian Institute
at la Trobe University
25 Ernest Jones Drive, Macleod, (VIC) 3085, Australia
Phone:  (03) 9479 6430  -  Fax:  (03) 0479 6434
Email:  info@iai.com.au
Web Address:  www.iai.com.au

Prepared and collated by the
Italian Australian Institute

Edited by
Piero Genovesi

Copyright in text Annamaria Davine
Copyright in photographs I.A.I. and various providers

Typesetting and Graphic:  Jodie Ellis (hp) & Melanie Vaughan (hp)

First published in Australia in 2009

All rights reserved.  No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in
any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, without the permission
in writing of the authors and publisher concerned.

ISBN 978-0-9805994-0-4

Printed by Highlight Printing Pty Ltd., Cnr Howes Street and
Rodd Road, Airport West, (VIC) 3042, Australia

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